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2015 Kansas City NSTA Area Conference
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Science Teachers of Missouri is the state chapter of the National Science Teachers Association. As the state chapter, STOM works closely with NSTA on education issues at the National Level.

Mission Statement:  STOM promotes the professional interests of the Missouri science education community.

STOM serves as a link with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, speaking for teachers on matters related to science education. Our members have assisted with national grant proposals, workshop presentations and revisions of key skills.
STOM partners with education agencies and institutions on grant initiatives designed to develop and enhance science educational opportunities for preschool through adult students and educators.
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DECEMBER 3–5, 2015 



     R A I S I N G  T H E  STA K E S   I N  S C I E N C E



The Art and Craftsmanship of Teaching

Combining Science with Agriculture

Achieving Success with the NGSS

Top 5 reasons to attend an NSTA conference

  1. PERFORMANCE: You and your students deserve to be excellent in science.
  2. LEADERSHIP: New skills, knowledge, and activities help build educational leaders who influence others to do extraordinary things.
  3. MOTIVATION: Expert speakers, educators, and scientists serve to inspire and stimulate.
  4. PASSION: Sharing it with your peers, your mentors, and the leaders in science education is contagious.
  5. GROWTH: Your conference experience will expand your world personally and professionally.

Conference Committee Leaders

Mike Szydlowski
Conference Chairperson
K–12 Science Coordinator
Columbia Public Schools
1818 W. Worley Columbia, MO 65203

Betsy (Elizabeth) O'Day
Program Coordinator
Elementary Science Specialist
Hallsville Intermediate School
411 E. Hwy. 124 Hallsville, MO 65255

James L. Puckett
Local Arrangements Coordinator
700 S Hughes St, Hamilton MO  64644-8231


Next Generation Science Standards - 

STOM Recommendation for Adoption

STOM supports learning expectations that reflect the most current research on student learning within the field of science.  STOM believes they should be written as rigorous performance expectations that challenge students to use, apply, and critically think about science rather than memorize content. STOM also believes that many educators should be involved in the development of new science standards. It is the position of STOM that the Next Generation Science Standards, which were developed and vetted by over 10,000 science educators, be used to educate and excite Missouri students. The Next Generation Science Standards provide the appropriate content, framework, and integration that will allow our students to develop into citizens capable of understanding and evaluating the world and information around them.  


STOM strongly encourages school districts to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards and the organization is here to help those districts with the professional development, advice, and support to develop a meaningful and high-quality K-12 Science Program. 

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