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Science Teachers of Missouri is the state chapter of the National Science Teachers Association. As the state chapter, STOM works closely with NSTA on education issues at the National Level.

Mission Statement:  STOM promotes the professional interests of the Missouri science education community.

STOM serves as a link with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, speaking for teachers on matters related to science education. Our members have assisted with national grant proposals, workshop presentations and revisions of key skills.
STOM partners with education agencies and institutions on grant initiatives designed to develop and enhance science educational opportunities for preschool through adult students and educators.

Opportunity to Provide Input -

MO Science Standards Review and Revision


Deadline January 25

The secondary (grades 6-12) science work group associated with HB1490 has asked that STOM share a link to a survey designed to seek science educators' input regarding the assessment performance expectations described in the Next Generation Science Standards.

This is a great opportunity provided us by the secondary work group for these reasons: 

  1. It's great that the work group is interested in the voices of educators across the state.   
  2. When the last survey was sent out (not by this workgroup), teachers had to go out of their way to suggest the NGSS because it made the respondent evaluate each current science GLE and write in any recommended change.  It would have taken forever for a survey respondent to suggest the type of language STOM, NSTA, the hundreds of science educators involved in the NGSS development process, etc. is hoping will exist in revised MO standards.   On this survey it asks you to make a selection for each NGSS statement, not the GLEs.   This is great...and we thank the Secondary Work Group!

 Suggestions from STOM:

  1. We know this takes time but we encourage you to provide feedback for as many strands as you have time to complete.   The more input you provide, the more data the work group will be able to use to inform its recommendations.    After you make your selection for one strand, the survey will ask if you are done or if you want to respond to another strand.  Please consider reviewing as many strands as you are able.   
  2. A lack of participation suggests a lack of interest in or lack of support for the standards. Respondents that wish to complete the survey as a group, instead of individually, need to indicate the names of all members of the respondent group so that the work group will better understand the number of voices represented.
  3. If you agree with the performance expectation of the NGSS statement, simply click the box that reads: “Keep this performance expectation as written.” We suggest that response for most standards; however, if you have a suggestion for change, please provide a detailed rewrite of the performance expectation.
  4. As soon as possible, please share this opportunity with as many teachers, administrators, university science faculty, informal science educators, and others interested in high quality science performance for MO students, as you possibly can.   
  5. Remember that this survey seeks input on only secondary standards. The elementary group has not yet provided the opportunity; but if they do STOM will certainly help them pass it along.    
  Thanks for your continued support in these efforts!

This is a win for allowing teachers to have a voice ...

Now we must participate!

And a really big Thank You to the secondary work group members for this opportunity!


Next Generation Science Standards - 

STOM Recommendation for Adoption

STOM supports learning expectations that reflect the most current research on student learning within the field of science.  STOM believes they should be written as rigorous performance expectations that challenge students to use, apply, and critically think about science rather than memorize content. STOM also believes that many educators should be involved in the development of new science standards. It is the position of STOM that the Next Generation Science Standards, which were developed and vetted by over 10,000 science educators, be used to educate and excite Missouri students. The Next Generation Science Standards provide the appropriate content, framework, and integration that will allow our students to develop into citizens capable of understanding and evaluating the world and information around them.  


STOM strongly encourages school districts to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards and the organization is here to help those districts with the professional development, advice, and support to develop a meaningful and high-quality K-12 Science Program. 

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