STOM Professional Development Conference - 2015
December 3 - 5, 2015
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Venue Info & Contacts
Conference Location:
Kansas City Convention Center
301 West 13th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105

Raising the Stakes in Science

In lieu of a state conference, STOM is serving as host to the NSTA Regional Conference in Kansas City.

Conference Strands

The Art and Craftsmanship of Teaching

Examining all aspects of effective instruction, the art and craftsmanship strand will combine pedagogy, assessment, best practices, and informational feedback to increase students' ability to reason, communicate, think critically, and appreciate science in our ever-changing global society. This strand will concentrate on the processes and skills of high-quality science instruction.


Combining Science with Agriculture

The United States is a world leader in agriculture (e.g., farming, ranching, fisheries, biofuels, forestry, and sustainability). This success is grounded in scientific research, technology innovations, engineering development, and mathematical modeling. Agriculture is a transdisciplinary field that requires the ability to use all STEM disciplines as evidenced by the areas of community gardening efforts, precision farming, remote sensing, climate change, genetically modified crops, forestry, food safety, water cycle and usage, soil quality, invasive species, and animal husbandry to mention only a few connections. This strand will increase participants’ understanding of the importance of agriculture in the United States and provide them with relevant and meaningful applications for the classroom.


Achieving Success with the NGSS

Effective science instruction integrates the three dimensions of the science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. This shifts the focus in the science classroom to an environment where students are asking questions, carrying out investigations, developing models, and constructing explanations to explain phenomena and solve problems in ways that build their understanding of core ideas. This environment also allows students to work collaboratively, communicate effectively, problem solve, and make decisions. This strand is intended to provide educators and stakeholders with strategies to move students beyond the traditional classroom and prepare them to thrive in a global economy.                                                                                        


Mike Szydlowski
Conference Chairperson
K–12 Science Coordinator
Columbia Public Schools
1818 W. Worely
Columbia, MO 65203

Betsy (Elizabeth) O'Day
Program Coordinator
Elementary Science Specialist
Hallsville Intermediate School
411 E. Hwy. 124 Hallsville, MO 65255

James L. Puckett
Local Arrangements Coordinator
700 S Hughes St, Hamilton MO  64644-8231


Special ticketed events for STOM Members ONLY are tentatively scheduled:

  • Thursday Lunch - STOM members only - sponsored by CEngage (National Geographic)

  • Thursday Night - STOM awards reception - sponsored by CPO and Frey

  • Friday Afternoon Ice Cream Social for Pre-Service Teachers

  • Friday Night Social Event - sponsored by MacMillan McGraw Hill

  • Saturday "Meet Your STOM Leadership" Breakfast